The Educational Foundation is introducing a fun new fundraiser called "Front Porch Family Portraits. It is a way for you to have professional family portraits taken as a keepsake to remember this historic time we are living through right now. 


How does it work?

After you sign up for a photo shoot our Shoal Creek parent photographer will show up on your sidewalk at the assigned time. They will adhere to the CDC guidelines for social distancing by taking your pictures from your sidewalk while you are on or near your front porch. Payment will be taken care of once your pictures have been processed and will be done online, so it’s a 100% no-contact activity.


Themed portraits with props:

The photographer will not be bringing any props for you. You are responsible for getting all of your own props ready if you want to use any. The photo session will last approximately 20-30 minutes depending on how many different picture ideas you have, so for the sake of time try to prepare and separate your props out per picture idea. Here's some fun ideas for themed pictures:

  • Celebrating a birthday or anniversary? Bring out the balloons, banners and party hats!

  • Is your little girl unable to attend her dance recital? Have her perform on your porch in her dance costume while you cheer her on!

  • Is your son missing his sport activities? Dress the entire family in your favorite jerseys, bring out the bat and gloves and craft a sign that says “We Miss Baseball!” (or whatever sport applies to you)

  • Thinking ahead to next school year? Have your kids make a sign that says “I wonder who our teacher will be next year” while you, the parents, hold a sign that reads “Sure hope it’s not me/us!”

  • Celebrating a promotion (5th or 8th grader) or graduation (12th grader)? Make a sign congratulating them on their achievement or have your student hold a sign that says “I virtually graduated/promoted” or “I survived 5th grade Class 2020”

  • Announcing a baby arrival? Make a sign that says “We won’t be flattening the curve until December 2020” (or whatever time period applies to you).

  • Have a healthcare worker in your family? Have your child hold a sign that says “Not all heroes wear caps. My dad/mom wears scrubs!”

  • Want to remind yourself what this time meant to you as a family? Show off the things you’re doing together at home (baking supplies, movies, arts and crafts, etc).

  • Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are coming up. Why not take this opportunity to take some pictures of Mom with the kids and Dad with the kids?

The possibilities are really endless....


When will this happen?

Ideally, your portraits are taken when your front porch and sidewalk are covered in shade, so your pictures will be of the most optimal quality. Therefore, before we book your session take a moment to figure out what time of the day that means for your porch/sidewalk. Once you know that, let us know whether you would like a session in the early morning, midday, early afternoon or evening.


How much does it cost?

You will receive rights to all the photos taken during your photo shoot, with a guaranteed minimum of 15 pictures. Once your pictures are done and uploaded to the photographer's site, they are yours to download and do with what you’d like. After you have seen your pictures, we ask that you make your payment. We suggest a minimum donation of $50. However, if you really like your pictures and think they are worth more or you would just like to donate more than $50, our Shoal Creek Otters would be greatly appreciative!!


Interested in your scheduling a photo shoot?

If you are interested in scheduling your photo shoot or have any questions please contact Noelle Bergmans at Please put 'Front Porch Pictures' in the subject line. We will figure out what time of the day would be most ideal for picture taking and we'll get you scheduled with the photographer. 


We are looking forward to having some fun, providing you with pictures to remember this historic time, and lastly, to make some money for our school so that when our Otters can go back to their classrooms there will be money to fund things such as music class and our impact teachers. Thank you for your support!

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