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This list was compiled to help parents access resources outside of the school. This information may change at any time and it is best to contact the business directly for more information.

  • Ace Tutoring

  • Code Ninjas (RB)

  • Gyminny Kids (RB)

  • San Diego SOL Camps and Clinics

  • Loop Schools

  • Manna’s Martial Arts (CMR)

  • Master Sports

  • Mission Bay Sportcenter

  • North County Soccer Park

  • Outpost Summer Camp Fall Camp


Ace Tutoring 

ACE Distance Learning Support Program 

  • Students may attend between two and five days per week from 9:00 a.m. until noon. This gives parents a break in the morning and gives students a safe place to work on their distance learning classes and assignments. 

  • Students can attend their distance learning classes while at ACE Tutoring. Free Wi-Fi is available so students can bring their own electronic device with a headset (whatever they need for their classes). 

  • When not participating in their distance learning classes, students may also work independently on their assignments. One to two ACE staffers will monitor and help keep students on task. Although regular tutoring is not conducted in this program, the staff may be able to answer some questions within their purview. (We would be happy to discuss our standard tutoring program if that better suits your child’s needs). 

  • Due to its independent study format, this program is recommended for 3rd graders and higher. 


Program Features: 

  • Spaciousness due to extremely limited capacity 

  • Resources & supplies available (computers, reference materials, general supplies, Wi-Fi) 

  • Friendly and supportive staff to help keep students on task 

  • Comfortable environment with A/C, heating, restroom 

  • Above all – controlled setting with all necessary precautions to keep everyone safe in the center 

To maintain a controlled environment of social distancing (with a maximum of 10 students at any given time), we encourage families to register ASAP for the limited spots available. Please visit for more information. 



Code Ninjas in Rancho Bernardo 

(location in Poway might be different so check with them as well) 

With schools opting to online learning, Code Ninjas Power Up will offer your child learning and homework assistance along with Coding and Robotics training. 

Choose your preferred program option Virtual or In-Center and attend the program to complete your respective learning with assistance from our Sensei. Let Code Ninjas Power Up empower your child's learning this year! 


Low Occupancy and Limited Spots! 

Morning Session 9 to 12 Afternoon Session 1 to 4 

1 Day Weekly - $399 Monthly 2 Days Weekly - $449 Monthly 3 Days Weekly - $499 Monthly 

To Register and find out more information, cal 858=376-7596: 

Code Ninjas Create: Code Ninjas Power Up(new):


Gyminny Kids in Rancho Bernardo 
  • Option or Track 1 - Your child can continue attending half or full-day camps throughout the school year, either as a supplement for childcare, physical activity time, for social time, etc. This option does not include distance learning and is structured very much like our Summer or Holiday Camps. 

  • Option or Track 2 - We are offering a Distance Learning camp. Your children will come with their portable device and work with our educators on their schoolwork. This option is limited and will only include students in the PUSD for now. 

  • Option or Track 3 - A combination of the two! Send your child to Distance Learning M-W-F and normal camp T-Th, etc. There are endless combinations and possibilities for learning and fun for your kids. 

  • For more information on the options and the pricing, please check out or call 858-451-0204.


San Diego SOL Camps and Clinics - Learning Pods and Sports Camps 

We are here to help fill in the gaps with your child’s daily schedules. We are offering programs to students in 2nd grade through 12th grade. Students will be placed into pods of 10-12 people. Grouping will be based on grade and class schedules. All students will have access to a dedicated tutor and sports coaches to monitor learning and provide assistance. Each child will be able to follow their particular school schedules within the course of the day. 

Option 1: Full-Day Learning and Sports Camp 

  • Drop off at 8:00am, pick up at 3:30pm (extended care until 6:00pm available) 

  • Students will be placed into pods based on grade and class schedule 

  • Academic Tutor available for guidance on school work 

  • Students will be able to practice and play a variety of sports that include but are not limited to basketball, volleyball, soccer, futsal and recreational/fitness activities 

  • 30 minutes for lunch Students need to bring their own laptop. Wi-Fi is available. 



  • $75 Daily Rate 

  • $275 Weekly 

  • $950 Monthly 

Information – 619-933-7740, 844-GoSDSOL 


Loop Schools 


Dedicated to helping families create a safe, enriching, in-person learning environment when traditional classroom attendance is not an option. By creating a “Loop” of closely associated families, parents can ensure their children thrive with or without physical schools. Loop Schools prevent learning loss, provide critical socialization, and offer non-academic learning opportunities. Our Loops are small, self-directed communities grouped by geographic location and parent choice, bound together by a common goal of continuing your child’s academic journey. 

For more information and FAQ’s:; email at - 


Manna’s Martial Arts in Carmel Mountain Ranch 


Virtual Learning Academy. Drop off as early as 7:30am and pick up as late as 6pm. School online from 8:30am to 2:30pm. Bring your own learning device and lunch. Includes martial arts class, playtime, socialization, and homework time. Licensed CA school aged daycare since 2003.



Master Sports 

Distance Learning Afternoon Sports Camp 

Master Sports will be offering single week-long afternoon camps starting September 8. Once your child completes their school work, send them to us to get their physical fitness for the day. The camp is designed for parents to have the afternoon to accomplish their tasks while keeping their kids productive. We will have designated staff available for check-in check-out throughout the afternoon to accommodate different family schedules. Camps will be organized into stable pods of 12 with a designated coach. Create your own pod if you like!

Contact Master Sports at 858-945-4889 


Mission Bay Sportcenter 

Fall programs are being formulated. Contact for more information. 



North County Soccer Park 


We’re introducing 3 BRAND NEW camps! Our goal is to offer you creative, fun, flexible camp choices depending on what your child’s learning situation is for the start of the school year. Hopefully you find one that fits your parenting needs!


All camps will be Monday-Friday, and will offer the flexibility to be registered for on a daily or weekly basis. Our Lil’ Kickers, Skills Institute, and Lil Sluggers coaches as well as NCSP staff will lead the groups. 


Registration is open for all camps!


Option 1: Weekly summer camps will transition to the afternoon for the school year! We will make the switch starting the week PUSD starts, August 31. Camps will still be Monday-Friday, but now running from 3:30-6:30pm. Drop your children off and make sure they get their daily physical activity after learning at their computer all day. Our camps are the perfect balance of fun and skill building. We can guarantee your player will be plenty tired when they get home for dinner! $26/day or $130 for the full week.


Option 2: Distance Learning Camp is a great option for working families with children in K through 8th grade attending schools that are implementing virtual learning this fall. It’s where school meets fun! The primary focus for this camp is creating a space and environment conducive to learning. Staff will be aiding the children in accessing their learning portals and adhering to their school schedule. During homework or assignment time, staff will be monitoring and aiding as needed. Campers will get outdoor play before and after school, and during recess and lunch times outdoors. We’ll take part in organized activities like soccer, baseball, kickball, and other schoolyard activities out on our fields.


Every Week Beginning September 2 (start of school)

Ages: Kindergarten - 8th Grade

Monday - Friday, 7:00am - 5:00pm

Full Day Registration Open

$100/day or $400/full week (20% discount!)

Register today and claim your spot! Capacity for this camp is very limited


Option 3: Enrichment Camp for those who will be Homeschooling or participating in Alternative Learning Programs this fall. The goal for Enrichment Camp is to provide a creative child care solution involving outdoor focused programming, supplemented with tutoring and enrichment activities. Your children will get their daily exercise in with the plethora of activities we can run on our soccer fields and grass areas. We are even supplementing outdoor times with programming aimed to help them with their homework and weekly assignments. You get the best of both worlds (and a tired out kid) by sending them to NCSP.

Half Day and Full Day options are available, every week until school starts back up again!


Every Week Beginning August 31

Ages: Pre-School - 8th Grade

Monday - Friday, 7:00am - 5:00pm

Half Day AM/PM or Full Day Enrollment Available

$100/day or $400/full week (20% discount!)

*we will NOT be adhering to school district virtual learning schedules for enrichment camp.


Full Details and FAQ can be found on our website.


Spaces in the select camps are limited due to social distance guidelines and facility capacity limits. Guarantee your spot and sign up today! Do you have a friend you’d like to pair with? In your registration comment, note your friends name and we’ll pair them up. Do you have a group of 6 kids or more who want to participate together? We will form their own stable group for the week. Please email with any requests.


If you have any other questions or concerns, please email or call 858-748-4260.


Outpost Summer Camp FALL CAMP 


Fall Camp: 1st through 5th grade only 

7:30am to 3:30pm M-F only 

Sessions are one month long, 5 days a week 

Call or visit website for information:; 858-842-4900 

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