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SCEF programs support the entire student body of Shoal Creek Elementary. The Foundation determines where the greatest need for support is at the school based on input from the teachers and administration of the school. When there is a tool that a teacher is interested in using with their class, but has no budget for it, SCEF is often able to help fill the gap in funding for that tool.


Some of the initiatives and materials that have been available to the students of Shoal Creek thanks to your generosity through the Foundation are outlined below. SCEF is always looking for additional opportunities to serve our students - the more successful our events are, the more we can do for the school. Thank you for your continued participation and support!

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The music program at Shoal Creek is fully supported by Foundation funds and our students love it! SCEF is grateful that our community supports music education for the entire student body.



The Shoal Creek Library is an amazing underwater adventureland with computer stations that supports a creative learning environment thanks to you! 

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Subscriptions to learning tools like Raz-Kids and See-Saw support our students learning both at school and at home. 

Teacher and Student


Our impact teachers make a real difference in the lives of our students by adding support where it is needed most. 

Prepackaged School Supply Kits

Our teachers are provided with a supplies budget from Foundation funds each year. Our kids have the tools they need for day-to-day work thanks to our community support. 

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